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Some common tips for using a grease gun(Hits:) 
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  1. Calculate the proper amount of grease needed for relubrication of bearings, based upon the calibrated delivery volume of the selected grease gun.
  2. Use a vent plug on the relief port of the bearing to help flush old grease to reduce the risk of too much pressure on the bearing.
  3. Use extreme caution when loading grease into the grease gun to ensure that contaminants are not introduced. If using a cartridge, be careful when removing the metal lid that no metal slivers are introduced into the grease.
  4. Make sure the grease gun is clearly marked to identify the grease with which it should be charged. Do not use any type of grease other than that which is identified.
  5. Always make sure the dispensing nozzle of the grease gun is clean before using. Pump a small amount of grease out of the dispensing nozzle, then wipe off with a clean rag or lint-free cloth before attaching to the grease fitting.
  6. Clean the grease fitting of all dirt before attaching the grease gun. Inspect and replace damaged fittings. Also clean the grease fitting after applying grease. It is helpful to use grease-fitting caps to keep them clean, but still wipe fittings clean before applying grease. 
  7. Ensure the proper grease is used at every grease point. Applying the wrong grease can cause an incompatibility problem which can quickly cause bearing failure. Lubrication points should be clearly identified with which grease is to be used. This can be done with colored labels, adhesive dots or paint markers.
  8. Grease guns should be stored unpressurized in a clean, cool, dry area and in a horizontal position to help keep the oil from bleeding out of the grease. Grease gun clamps make storage easy and organized. Also cover the coupler to keep it free from dirt and contaminants.
  9. Calibrate grease guns regularly to ensure the proper delivery volume. 
  10. Use caution and safety when working around moving equipment and when using a grease gun.
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